Tomi Lahren, the ‘White Power Barbie’ of Fox News, is coming to Minneapolis


The Fox News squawker specializes in outrage popcorn for a devoted fanbase of elderly conservatives. Hennepin Theatre Trust

Tomi Lahren, Fox News' screaming head renowned for parroting Donald Trump and shit-talking liberals, is scheduled to appear at Minneapolis' Pantages Theatre on May 19.

Lahren is a social media guru who shot to stardom with her viral hot takes on pop culture polemics, such as Beyonce’s 2016 Black Panther-themed Super Bowl performance (“Why be a cultural leader when you can play the victim, right?”), Colin Kaepernick taking a knee (“Whiny, indulgent, attention-seeking crybaby”), and Hollywood hypocrisy (Forfeit your award if you portrayed guns in fiction), and Hillary Clinton’s pantsuits (Melania wore it better).

From calling Black Lives Matter the equivalent of the KKK to saying Syrian refugees are weak for fleeing instead of fighting ISIS, her power comes from her ability to piss people off without having to say much at all – outrage popcorn for a devoted fanbase of elderly conservatives who show up just to watch liberals squirm.

If America’s extreme polarization is the score, Lahren is doing everything she needs to remain relevant. That technically classifies her as a troll, though on the death culture issues of gun and abortion rights she's surprisingly consistent -- Lahren supports both. 

The Pantages show is billed as an “exclusive evening of dialogue and discussion, covering all of today’s hot-button issues." An understatement, we think, of what will most certainly be a heavily protested, batshit performance.

It’s part of Lahren’s "Family, Freedom, and Final Thoughts Tour," which just barely passes for a tour with two scheduled appearances – one in Glenside, Pennsylvania (population 8,000), and the other here in Minneapolis.

Tickets ($39-$89) go on sale Friday.

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