Tim Olmsted, teacher who allegedly called students "black and stupid," is still getting paid

Olmsted lost his job, but he hasn't totally lost his paycheck.

Olmsted lost his job, but he hasn't totally lost his paycheck.

St. Paul teacher Tim Olmsted is still getting paid by taxpayers, nearly six months after he resigned amid accusations he was openly racist in the classroom.

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As we told you about last January, Olmsted was placed on leave after he allegedly told five students in his class at Heights Community School on St. Paul's East Side that they're "fat, black, and stupid." He's also accused of segregating black and special education students from whites -- a charge backed up by a substitute teacher who worked in Olmsted's classroom. A new CNN video report reveals that he still has his teaching license and continues to be reimbursed by the district for unused sick days.

[jump] Three of the students who were allegedly the target of Olmsted's abuse and their relatives have filed a civil lawsuit against the St. Paul Public School District, alleging that administrators knew about Olmsted's racism but didn't do anything about it. The CNN report indicates Olmsted had a history of misconduct even before the racism allegations, including a five day suspension in 2003 for telling a sexually offensive and inappropriate story about "castrating horses and throwing their testicles into the field for cats to eat" in the classroom, and a 2011 reprimand for "sexually offensive behavior" toward a female co-worker at a holiday party.

CNN actually showed up in the Twin Cities to ask a motorcycle-riding Olmsted about the accusations, but he repeatedly told a reporter he wouldn't comment.

Valeria Silva, superintendent of St. Paul schools, says there's no merit to the accusation district administrators tried to sweep Olmsted's misconduct under the rug.

"We promptly investigated. We responded appropriately," Silva said in a statement to CNN. "And we intend to vigorously defend the lawsuit."

Olmsted's lawyer, for what it's worth, continues to deny the allegations.