The St. Cloud Superman travels in this accursed Trump chariot

St. Cloud Superman earned his reputation as a local character by having opinions... in bystanders' general direction.

St. Cloud Superman earned his reputation as a local character by having opinions... in bystanders' general direction. Reddit

You may be familiar with a local character known to many as St. Cloud Superman.

This sidewalk cryptid was best known for walking around in a muscly Superman costume near St. Cloud State University and waving an American flag.

In 2009, he also earned himself three misdemeanor charges for making some spanking gestures in public, making fun of a man with a limp, and making harassing phone calls in front of the officer who was citing him at the time. The first two charges against Superman (secret identity John Fillah, not Clark Kent) were dropped by a judge based on his First Amendment rights.

The right to free speech is like the right to use a pogo stick. You can usually enjoy it pretty much anywhere without legal consequences, but that doesn’t mean it’s always a good idea. 

About five years ago, Fillah switched out the superhero garb for plain clothes and the star spangled banner for a bigass Confederate flag.

He is apparently still as obnoxious and indiscriminate as ever. A few residents have reported seeing Fillah driving this sucker around the Sauk Rapids Coborn’s parking lot these days. Photo snapped by Reddit user andrew_d_frost.

For those of you familiar with St. Cloud Superman, this is his vehicle these days. from r/minnesota

It’s hard to say what about this whip stands out the most. Could it be, perhaps, the dual Trump banners flapping in its wake? Could it be that one of said Trump banners features him holding what we presume is the bastard child of a machine gun and a rocket launcher… and sporting biceps the size of watermelons?

Fillah's chain? Or maybe it’s the not one, not two, but three Confederate flag bumper stickers?

Who’s to say.

The poster said Fillah can usually be seen hanging out in the Coborn’s parking lot and “bumping ’80s tunes.” A staff member at Coborn’s, who preferred to remain anonymous, confirmed he’s a regular – usually there a couple times a week –  and that this was indeed his ostentatious vehicle.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, the staff member says, he doesn’t cause any trouble. When he does, it’s usually run-of-the-mill customer stuff. Disputes over products and whatnot. Other than that, it’s pretty chill.

Fillah’s M.O. is to provoke confrontation in others rather than do much confronting himself. After he got into it with a passerby over his Confederate flag, a spokesperson from St. Cloud State University reported that after 20 years of pulling these stunts, Fillah pretty much knew where to stand and how to instigate without actually getting in much trouble, save for the occasional restraining order.