The price to live large like the Wild's Ryan Suter: $4.5 million


All this can be yours, kids, if you average 30 minutes a game and land some Kwik Trip commercials. Mahler Sotheby’s International Realty

There are benefits to being a star NHL defensemen. Namely: It comes with a $4.5 million summer estate in the countryside of Wisconsin.

The Minnesota Wild’s Ryan Suter hails from Madison. So in 2011, he built an expansive manse in rural Mazonmanie, 25 miles outside his hometown. The problem is that Suter spends September through April working in St. Paul, leaving him little time to enjoy the estate.

His kids are also growing, Sotheby’s Paul Handle tells And most parents know that life in nature’s bounty can begin to dim with the non-stop shuttling of children to distant activities and friends’ homes.

So Suter bought a new place closer to Madison, putting his Mazonmanie on the block. As Sotheby’s describes it, it’s a one of a kind shack:

“Resting behind private gates, this residence has breathtaking views of Wisconsin’s spectacular countryside as far as the eye can see. This stunning home was masterfully designed and built with every amenity and is the ultimate retreat for family, friends and gatherings large or small.”

The home has five bedrooms, seven baths, and rests on 120 acres. It comes with a hellacious swimming pool, a tennis court, billiards room, and wine cellar, which can likely be converted to a Grain Belt storage facility with minimal effort. Castle de Suter also has plank floors and marble baths.

If you’re looking to upgrade from your tiny estate on Lake Minnetonka, the home is listed with Mahler Sotheby’s International Realty in Milwaukee.


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