Thank you, Jesus: They found that big-ass snake


Rocky the (formerly missing) boa constrictor was described as "extremely docile." We will take their word for it. Mille Lacs County Animal Control, Facebook

Rejoice, Minnesota: You can go outside again. 

Last week brought the deeply unsettling warning that people near Princeton, Minnesota should keep an eye out for a large snake, a message that's pretty much been widely circulated since the first primate hopped out of the tree. (There are also tree snakes, so, just, you know, don't ever let your guard down.)

Rocky the boa -- get it? Like from the movies? -- was described as five foot, three inches in length and "extremely docile," which somehow was not enough to make everyone feel chill about the possibility of a Mugsy Bogues-sized snake hiding in the tall grass.

As of Sunday evening, you can say goodbye to your (non-large-snake) fears. Rocky was located safe and sound on his owners' neighbors property, and was subsequently depicted attempting to use a phone, perhaps to catch up with what had happened on Facebook while he was out.

Rocky was discovered on the neighbors' front steps, where he was apparently just chillin'. Literally: A second message on the Mille Lacs County Animal Control page reports Rocky was at home with his human, Ammy Sweeney, who was pictured attempting to "get him warmed up" with a cuddling session.

Rocky's days on the lam seemed to do him little harm, according to Sweeney, who commented "so far so he good he looks great!"

Added Sweeney: "Thank you so much for all of your help I need to thank everyone involved."

That gratitude was echoed by the cats and small dogs who live within five miles of Rocky's home, who issued a rare joint statement announcing they will now go back to being afraid of thunder, indoor shadows, and each other. 

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