School bus swerves into south Minneapolis yard to avoid another school bus [VIDEO]


No kids were in these Minneapolis school buses when this happened. Thank God.

School's out this week for a lot of students in Minnesota.

Those students who ride the bus probably never had something as freaky as this happen all year.

A man was recording the aftermath of an initial car crash on Bloomington Ave. and 24th St. in south Minneapolis, which had left one vehicle hung up on the roof of another... when suddenly, the man was recording a near-miss of a school bus speeding right at another bus, just as another car was approaching in the oncoming lane.

The latter bus was parked, meaning the former bus had to swerve hard -- right up into someone's yard -- to avoid smashing into its sister child-deliverer. 

Note the intense but on-point commentary provided by the guy who took the video.


South mpls is something else

Posted by Nancy Flores on Thursday, June 8, 2017


Neither the parked nor swerving school bus had any kids on board at the time. Fox 9 reports CenterPoint Energy showed up at the scene to check if the accident damaged a gas main, just in case this scene felt like turning into something from a video game. 

Fortunately, that had not happened, though one bus driver involved did complain of experiencing chest pains. Fox didn't specify, but it's a reasonable guess it was the one who came within a few feet of going face-first into the back of a bus. 

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