If only America's gun safety was run by the NFL


If we had an annual review of gun policy based on reason, logic, and evidence of results, this wouldn't be a weekly occurrence. Wikimedia

Reader Patrick Craigie responds to Pretend gun control bills show Minnesota's suburban Republicans panicking:

Any change is seen as a threat to them. That’s why this is such an idiotic conversation.

One side wants to employ reason, logic, and evidence of results. Second-amenders want no change or improvements whatsoever.

Did you know that they almost banned rugby in this country? Why? You guessed it! Too many people were dying or getting horribly maimed. Do you know what Theodore Roosevelt (a big fan of the deadly sport) came up with? The forward pass.

The game of rugby has had several rule changes. So many that it’s morphed into what we now call football and the NFL -- far and away the best sport on earth. They make rule changes every year to attempt to make the game better. Their leaders get together every year to employ reason, logic, and evidence of results to attempt to make the game safer for everyone.

At worst, this is how we should treat gun laws. At best, I’m in the pre-Roosevelt camp. 


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