A Prince statue in St. Paul? That's tantamount to blasphemy!


One reader is quite unhappy with the notion of replacing a statue of a geographically-challenged colonialist with one of Prince. Wikimedia

Reader Catherine Lind responds to Wanna swap St. Paul's Columbus statue for a Prince one? Sign this petition:

What is wrong with you? Suggesting Prince have a statue In St. Paul? He has nothing to do with St. Paul!

Now all of these fans are crying for his statue to be in St. Paul. They don't know better. We do. What an idiot article.

Everybody goes to all the places Prince was in MINNEAPOLIS. 1st Avenue for one. Get it right. So odd that City Pages would even suggest that.

All of these fans petitioning for the statue that don't know Minneapolis and St. Paul don't have a clue what they are asking for. Correct your huge mistake! You know you messed it up. CLEAN IT UP!  


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