Now’s your chance to watch Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ for free


Beyoncé is here to sell you a Tidal subscription. "Don't you even care about lossless audio?" YouTube

Are you a Beyoncé fan? Would you even admit if you weren’t?

OK, here’s another question: Are you one of those Beyoncé fans who still hasn’t seen the 65-minute “visual album” she made to accompany her 2016 album Lemonade? The one that film critics included in their year-end lists? The one that wove evocative narration from the Somali poet Warsan Shire in with visuals that drew comparisons to Julie Dash’s classic film Daughters in the Dust?

Sure, sure, you’ve been meaning to watch the video for two years now. But you didn’t want to pay for a subscription to the music streaming service Tidal (even though it would free you from those Advance Auto Parts commercials that blast on Spotify every three songs). And you didn’t want to buy the whole album on iTunes or Apple for $18 just to download the flick.

Hold up—there’s a third option: You can watch it for free at Muddy Waters tonight at 9.

It’s part of the restaurant’s Bey Day celebration. (Really though, isn’t every day Bey Day?) And after Lemonade wraps up, they’ll show the videos from the 2013 Beyoncé album in full.

There will be prizes for best outfit, as well as three Bey-inspired cocktails: Grief, Who Rum The World, and F*ck the Patriarchy. (The asterisk was in the email they sent us, but they probably won’t be offended if you use the “u” when you order it.)

Here’s some more info on the event. And here’s a taste of the window-smashing fun in store for you.

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