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Reaganland: 1980s Dystopia

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While some recall the Reagan presidency as a time of booming prosperity, cultural anxieties ran deep throughout the era, evidenced by this Trylon series. Witness the desolation of humanity in Blade Runner (The Final Cut) (1982/2007), a sci-fi noir involving artificially engineered beings staking a desperate claim on existence, or in 1984 (1984), a disorienting adaptation of Orwell’s depiction of a totalitarian state with no tolerance for independent thought. Cult favorite Repo Man (1984) fuses sci-fi tropes with punk ethos in the pursuit of a Chevy Impala with extraterrestrial mysteries stashed in its trunk, while Videodrome (1983) concerns a man whose obsession with underground broadcasts instigates a harrowing transformation. The Terminator (1984) introduces Arnold Schwarzenegger as an unstoppable cyborg transported into the past to kill the mother of a future leader, They Live (1988) imagines a society infiltrated by nefarious aliens who have narcotized the populace through subliminal messages, and Brazil (1985) prophesizes an absurdly bureaucratic future where lives are spent toiling to maintain monstrous machines. Akira (1988), a crime classic from Japan, pits two bikers against a telekinetic government, while racial tensions are satirized in The Brother from Another Planet when an alien slave hides out in Harlem. Even more mayhem arrives from outer space with The Hidden (1987), featuring a body-swapping extraterrestrial inflicting widespread carnage upon greater Los Angeles. Visit for the complete schedule.