Allen Weeks


Underneath the Lintel

Every Wed., Thu., Fri., and Sat. from May 30-July 1
7:30 p.m.
Every Sun. from May 30-July 1
2 p.m.

Underneath the Lintel , a one-person play by Glen Berger, follows the journey of a longtime librarian whose routine is upended by the belated return of a book some 113 years after its due date. The title in question, an antiquated travel guide, contains precious few clues as to the borrower’s identity other than cryptic scribblings in the margins and a receipt from a London dry cleaner circa 1913. Despite the minimal leads, the librarian becomes obsessed with identifying the borrower, finding in this investigation a sense of purpose long absent from her life. An international adventure ensues, one that reveals as much of the librarian’s character as that of her quarry. This Peter Rothstein-directed production from Theater Latté Da features Sally Wingert, one of the most honored actors to grace Twin Cities stages. She can be relied upon to draw forth her character’s endearing idiosyncrasies with her signature charisma and resonant range. Supported by the original music of Frank London, Underneath the Lintel looks to find a purposeful existence in the most eccentric of pursuits.