Rosy Simas Douglas Beasley Photography


Rosy Simas Danse: Weave

Jan. 12
7:30 p.m.

At a rehearsal of Weave, choreographer Rosy Simas asked visitors to close our eyes while the thick sound of crashing waves flooded our senses. When we opened our eyes, we saw five performers “washed up” on the stage. Of different races, physical bearing, movement styles, and genders specific and non, they filled the space with meditative inquisitiveness as they reacted to one another, negotiated shared areas, and expressed choreographic personalities. It was a subtle and grounded weaving together of distinct characters with a sense of equality. Simas (who is Seneca, Heron Clan) and her diverse Native/Indigenous/POC collaborators created the work from stories and experiences gleaned during residencies, workshops, classes, and open rehearsals. Composed of cultural storytelling, film, quadraphonic sound, and movement, the piece wraps the audience in a singular, shared experience of indigenous feminist sensibility.