"Roots and Fruits" L-R: Anna Garski, 'It's A Girl'; Patricia Olson, Warm gallery poster (1976); Quimetta Perle, 'Mona Lisa'


Roots and Fruits: Exploring the History and Impact of the Women's Art Registry of Minnesota

Daily from Nov. 3-Dec. 15
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This retrospective of the feminist artists collective WARM takes on a particular poignancy, not only because of the current cultural and political climate, but also because of the recent passing of Judith Roode, one of the group’s founding members. Still, any opportunity to gather with WARM is also a celebration of women’s creativity, resiliency, and power through art, as well as a refutation of the patriarchy. The national feminist movement of the 1970s is the backdrop for this show, in which period artworks and archival materials highlight pivotal events in WARM’s early history. Among the notables whose work is included are Harriet Bart, Sandra Menefee Taylor, Hazel Belvo, Jantje Visscher, Joyce Lyon, and, of course, Roode. To see some of this work now, 40 years later, demonstrates just how—sadly—evergreen their political protests continue to be.