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Kurt Braunohler

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You might have heard comedian Kurt Braunohler on This American Life, where he told the story of how he and his former girlfriend introduced the Amish concept of rumspringa into their relationship. Basically, they took a month off from their 13-year monogamous relationship and dated other people. Well, more than dated. “I’m not particularly fascinated with Amish culture,” he explains, “I just liked that concept as it applied to my relationship and that period in my life.” Braunohler later married someone else. On their second date, his now-wife came to see the show he had created about the rumspringa experiment. “She thought it was weird that it was our second date.” Braunohler hadn’t planned it that way, though. She just came out to watch him perform. “She showed up and said, ‘This is just all about you fucking a bunch of people.’” If you also happened to catch him on late night TV, he insists those appearances aren’t indicative of his full live show. “I don’t think I’ve had a late-night set yet that sums up what it’s like to see me live. I’ve had a few so far, and I think maybe on the next one I’ll nail it.” 18+.