'The Valley' Beth Dow


Beth Dow: Prediction Error

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Pictures lie; photographer Beth Dow will be the first to tell you this. But our brains don’t always give us accurate information, either. When processing new data, we draw from our bank of previous experience. Often, we’re right. But sometimes our brains make what’s called a “prediction error.” Through still-life photographs of fruit and flowers, Dow explores what happens when we can’t quite make sense of what we’re seeing. In her conceptual landscapes, she takes viewers through the Badlands in full color, a departure from previous exhibitions of black-and-white images of formal gardens and rural scenes. In her series “The Valley,” she examines topography through an eerie, almost extraterrestrial lens that will make you question everything you thought you understood about landscape photography. Dow was born in Minneapolis and raised in Brooklyn Park by a photographer father, Ron Dow, who passed away last month. His influence, she says, is scattered throughout this show, which takes place in the same museum where he exhibited in 1967.