L-R: Work by Sandra Brick, Susan Leschke


Artists in the Kitchen

Daily from March 21-May 19
Time Varies
Art, Food and Drink, Galleries

Textiles and taste come together in this unique exhibition, where 50 local female artists were paired with female chefs and restaurateurs for collaboration. Teams include Alicia Hinze (the Buttered Tin) and Amy Rice, Tracy Singleton (Birchwood Café) and Ruthann Godollei, Anne Rucker (Bogart’s Doughnut Co.) and Alanna Stapleton, Barb Zapzalka (Pumphouse Creamery) and Asia Ward, and Brenda Langton (Spoonriver Restaurant) with Shelly Mosman. Together, these ladies met, ate, discussed, and shared their experiences in their chosen fields. Results include beet-dyed fabrics, layers of materials that resemble tiramisu, and abstract representations of delicious dishes.