Workhaus Collective to disband after 10 years


About 10 years ago, Workhaus Collective came together with with the goal of creating pieces where the playwright would lead the production, from penning the script to rehearsals to the final curtain call. It was a process that worked to much success, as the group has produced 25 original plays over the years.

This week the organization announced that it would be moving on.

“With member playwrights enjoying productions and winning awards across Minnesota and the country — and five former members now enjoying prosperous careers on the West Coast — we thought that 10 years and 25 brand new plays was an ideal time to celebrate our successes and move on to the next chapter in all of our careers,” says member playwright Alan Berks via press release. 

To close out, Lasso of Truth, Carson Kreitzer’s history of Wonder Woman, will take the stage at the Playwrights’ Center in April, and an anthology of selections from Workhaus productions is set to be published next winter.