Calhoun Square’s renaming committee did what they could, okay?

Northpond Partners

Northpond Partners

Last summer, the new owners of Calhoun Square decided that a mall shouldn’t be named after a long dead racist with no ties to the shopping center.

And so a new name has been announced: Seven Points.

The name -- not to be confused with Five Corners in St. Paul or Seven Corners in Minneapolis -- comes from the mall’s once iconic signage, which has seven points. When the owners announced that the space would be renamed, the outdoor signage was mostly stripped away. But as you can see from the creative rendering, the post-apocalyptic metal bones of what was once the illuminated crown appear to be staying.

As is the way of the internet, Minnesotans weighed in on this economical choice.

Wedge Live! readers came through, of course:

So, what’s next? About $750,000 in construction. Chicago-based building owners Northpond Partners are planning to turn the Seven Points into a mixed-use facility, with retail, restaurants, offices, and apartments. The mall has always struggled to retain clients, but COVID and the riots have made things especially difficult, with the Figlio’s curse striking again (RIP Fig + Farro) and Dogwood Coffee opting not to renew their lease.

Current tenants include Kitchen Window, LA Fitness, H&M, and CB2.

Renovations are still in the zoning, permit, and application process, which Alistair Parry, Northpond senior vice president, warned could take time via an interview with the Star Tribune.

“Our perspective is we truly believe in the fundamentals of Uptown and the vibrancy of the neighborhood,” says Parry. “If we can deliver on the concept of what we think works, we are pretty confident that it can help the neighborhood as a whole.”